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Examination Table with AccessoGynecolog Examination TableElectric Operating Table SN-99Standard Operating TableElectric Parturition Bed SN- 9Transfusion Chair Wheel Chair Kursi Roda 3 in 1Children BedInfusion Stand Stainlees SteelBaby Basket, Stainless steelEmergency Mobile Stretcher Automatic Loading StretcherFoldway Stretcher, 4 Fold Electric ICU Bed five functionABS Hospital Bed Elektrik, 3 CABS Hospital Bed Elektrik, 2 CABS Hospital Bed 3 CrankABS Hospital Bed 2 Crank ABS Hospital Bed 1 CrankMayo Table Bedside Cabinet SteelMedicine TrolleyFood TrolleyDressing TrolleyInstrument Trolley, StainlessLaundry TrolleyRoom DeviderInstrument Cabinet, steel sheeMedicine cabinet, sheet steel Double bowl stand stainless stMobile WastafelScrub Station 2 PersonScrub Station 3 PersonTimbangan Berat dan Tinggi BadTimbangan DacinAlat ukur panjang bayiMini Central Oxygen System BuiLarge Central Oxygen SystemEmergency Operating Lamps MobiAC - DC LED Emergency Lamp witLED Shadowless Operating Lamp Halogen Examination Operating Shadowless Operating Lamp 700/X - Ray Film Viewer SingleX - Ray Film Viewer DoubleInfant Phototherapy Unit Infant Radiant Warmer Infant Incubator SN-100A Infant Transport Incubator Vertical Pressure Steam SterilSyringe & Needle Destroyer Dry Heat SterilizerLow Temperatur Multi Purpose RRefrigerator 65LVacuum Extractor ManualElectric Suction ApparatusECG 3 ChannelECG 12 ChannelInfusion PumpPatient MonitorSyringe PumpUSGNutrition PumpElectro-Cardiograph (3 ChannelElectro-Cardiograph (12 ChanneFetal MonitorPulse OximeterSilicone Resuscitator (Adult, Vital Sign Monitor (TD2300)Multi Parameter Patient MonitoMercury Free Sphygmomanometer StetoscopePortable Fetal Doppler ( AG- 2Doppler Fetal Heartbeat DetectInformationization General DiaDental Chair Mounted Unit, ModDental Unit Portable Blood Cell Counter With 6 WindBlood Cell Counter With 9 WindStrip Mini/Urine Test Strip (CCYAN Rotator (CL002)CYAN IncubatorDry Autoclave (CL012)CYAN Water bath (CL010)Hemato Automatic Hematology AnPippetes Liquid HandlingPippetes Multi-Channel-VariablReagentMinor Surgery SetCurettage Instrument SetLaparatomy Instrument SetIUD Instrument SetHecting Instrument SetRectal Haemorhoidectomy SetMidwifery KitBandage Instrument SetMayor Surgery SetUmbilical Instrument SetBasic Instrument SetVena Sectio Instrument SetAnuscope Set Dental Instrument SetEnt Examination SetPartus SetScaller SetCircumcision SetObgyn Set